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Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 Release 2 and beyond announced


Microsoft has announced their Roadmap for Dynamics GP. You can expect a new release for Dynamics GP every six months. Each release will contain new features and functionality. Be certain to attend our Convergence Recap Webcast to learn more.

GP2013 R2 will be available in May 2014. This exciting new release will have:

New functionality

Purchase Requisitions

  • Replaces the existing Requisition Management found in Business Portal
  • Provides Requisition capability within Dynamics GP
  • Allows users to order items and goods with the look and feel like a transaction entry window in GP, but with fewer verified or required fields.
  • Purchasers can combine requisitions into a single Purchase Order
  • Provides Approval Workflow
  • (Requisitioning capability for non-Dynamics GP users coming late fall 2014)

Workflow is being completely redesigned and rebuilt no longer requiring SharePoint. The first release of the new system will include five workflow types, and several methods for workflow approval.

  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Requisition Approval
  • Project Timesheet Approval
  • Project Expense Approval
  • Time and Attendance Approval

Identity Management
This feature improves the user log-in experience on the Web Client by allowing the user to log into Dynamics GP with their windows identity. A Web Client user will not require a SQL login. The user may choose to remember their Windows user name and password on the aspx log-in window, so subsequent logins to Dynamics GP from a trusted device will not prompt the user for credentials.

  • Improve the Dynamics GP Web Client log-in experience
  • Reduce identity maintenance between GP and peripheral applications
  • Maintain low deployment costs and proven GP security model

Additional Web Client functionality

  • Self Service Home Page
  • Time & Attendance
  • Project Time
  • Project Expense


SmartList Designer

  • Create new Go To Options
  • Integrate with existing Go To Options
  • Open a form, a navigation list, a SmartList, or a Web page
  • Print remaining document for email
    This feature allows you to email and print all the transactions in one step in Payables Management, Receivables Management, Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing. The user simply marks both options to print documents and send documents in email. 

Email based on document type

  • Email documents based on the specific document type
  • Can enable or disable the feature

Email or print any report in Word

  • Ability to send reports in Word format
  • Ability to print reports as Word templates
  • Use Word tools to modify the reports

Document Attach 3.0 (Doc Attach)

  • Scan documents directly to Doc Attach from a scanner
  • Use Doc Attach to attach documents to Payables
  • Convert OLE Notes to Doc Attach

Reverse Fiscal Year

  • Ability to reverse the GL Year End Close process
  • Will open the previously closed fiscal year
  • Will warn users to create backups and verify all users out of GP prior to process

Default Sort Order on AP checks

  • Sort checks by option will be found in the Payables Management setup
  • Sort options:  Payment Number, Name, State-City or Zip Code

Copy/Paste Excel to GL

  • Copy/Paste General Ledger Journal Entry information directly from Excel inot Dynamics GP

Reprint outstanding transactions report from Bank Reconciliation

  • Reprint Outstanding Transactions Report
  • Print posting report after posting

Assign an Inventory Item to Multiple Sites

  • Integrate with Analytical Accounting, Multi Dimensional Analysis, Cash Flow Management and Project Accounting
  • Show PO number in Check Inquiry

Lock Company for Maintenance

  • Limit company access for maintenance
  • Assign user with access
  • Message users

GP2015 is scheduled for release in the November/December time frame this year

GP2015 additional functionality and features

Service based architecture

  • Provides capability to build mobile(cross platform – Windows, iOS, Android) and companion applications
  • Integrate to anything


  • Completely replaces Business Portal Requisition Management
  • Allows non-GP users to request items over the Web
  • Cross platform - Windows, iOS, Android
  • Tight integration with Dynamics GP

Additional work flow

  • General Ledger Batch Approval
  • Employee Onboard Approval
  • Employee Personnel Approval
  • Vendor Approval
  • Payables Batch Approval
  • Receivables Batch Approval
  • Customer Credit Limit Override Approval
  • Sales Quote Approval
  • User Security Approval

Additional Identity Management features – more ways to improve login flexibility

Additional Business Portal functionality replacement

  • Employee Self Service
  • Project Self Service
  • Time Management
  • Project Time & Expense
  • Approvals

Other features

  • Load Balancing Enhancements
  • SOP Line Numbers
  • Navigation to MR
  • Split Shipping of Kits
  • Asset Continuity Report
  • Small Parcel Shipping Integrations
  • EFT Enhancements
  • Multiple PO Prepayments