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Changes to Microsoft’s conference portfolio


In January, Microsoft announced big changes to their end-user conference.

Traditionally, we’ve told you about Microsoft’s Convergence, their largest Microsoft Dynamics end-user event. Starting this year, Convergence has ended and three end-user conferences will be offered:

  • Build – San Francisco, March 30–April 1
    This conference is where developers can hear the latest vision and direction from Microsoft.
  • Envision – New Orleans, April 4–6
    It’s designed to serve business leaders who are driven to shape their own future and position their organization for success in a mobile first, cloud first world.
  • Ignite – Atlanta, Sept. 26–28
    This is where IT professionals, enterprise developers and architects have an opportunity to discover best practices, get hands-on experience to enhance their tech skills and learn from hundreds of experts and peers.

In addition to the Microsoft end-user conference, Dynamics Communities also offers a more technical deep dive into the Dynamics products. This conference is called Summit and is also known as AXUG, CRMUG and GPUG. Their conference will be in Tampa on Oct 11-14.

And for the Dynamics SL users, their conference will be in San Diego on Sept. 28-30.