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Leveraging technology to better understand your mobile customers


Microsoft Dynamics® 365 (formerly Dynamics AX) gives retailers the tools they need to capitalize on the rapidly growing world of mobile POS devices. With Dynamics 365’s easy-to-use and highly adaptable solution, CIOs are better equipped to support their customers’ shopping experience, both in and out of stores.

Let’s look at some custom features of Dynamics 365 for retail:

Mobile POS

Dynamics 365 mobility ERP provides a mobile point-of-sale solution on tablets or mobile smartphones to reduce transaction times and improve customer service. Store associates quickly access customer information at point of sale and are prompted to make relevant up-sell or add-on suggestions. To benefit IT, it is clear that Microsoft developed a mobile framework for Dynamics 365 to support the current mobility stack, and make it easier for IT professionals to add and enhance applications as they become available.

Social media integration

Retailers can display offers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Mobile customers can follow these offers to an in-store barcoded coupon, which they can print or save to their mobile device. When presented and scanned at the store, this coupon is traced back to the integrated source for continuous feedback on marketing ROI. To help IT leverage social media, this system can support cloud to cloud integration, on-premises integration, as well as more complex integration with line-of-business applications.

Omnichannel nurturing

Dynamics 365 for retail enables centralized access for shoppers as they move across channels. Online customers can have their information accessible in the store, allowing associates to update information, check order status and review past purchases–no matter which mobile device they use. For IT leaders, Dynamics 365 enables a smooth integration of multiple channels with mobility, a solution that scales with the current store infrastructure, and improves cross-channel support, which is something that should certainly offer them some peace of mind.

Centralized application management

By using technology to manage mobile devices, IT experts can make application changes and updates remotely based on the user’s role instead of taking time to enter information for individual users. This time-saving feature also dramatically improves input accuracy. Individual profiles can be assigned to restrict access according to login credentials or job title, which makes things more secure as role-based security covers all functional aspects.

Built-in roles include:

  • Retail merchandising manager
  • Retail operations manager
  • Store manager
  • Store inventory clerk

Manage inventory

Standard Dynamics 365 inventory extends management functionality to handheld devices. This wireless solution connects the store inventory management system to a store-based handheld device via web services. These processes allow stockrooms and warehouses to:

  • Receive orders into inventory using barcode scanning
  • Complete stock counts either on a cycle basis or full physical basis using stock counting journals
  • Transfer stock to alternate locations for customer pick up
  • Complete adjustments for damages or expired products quickly and easily

With Dynamics 365 R3, IT can support new functionality, such as daily inventory updates, quality management, processing new product arrivals and identifying potential conflicts in transactions.

The retail industry is dynamic, complex and fiercely competitive. Between stores, e-Commerce, catalogs, mail order, call centers and mobile computing, retailers are competing for customers and revenue on multiple fronts. Properly implementing a tailored solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail offers an end-to-end solution created specifically for retail allows CIOs and others in information technology to deliver the highest level of service and support to internal users and store customers.


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