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Implementing an effective multi-channel management platform


One of the big challenges retailers face is maintaining a 360 degree view of their customers no matter where the interaction happens, as well as their inventory and order information across multiple channels. We refer to this as maintaining total cross-channel control, be it brick and mortar, direct or through the Internet. While bringing the channels together is a big challenge from a systems perspective, it’s definitely possible with the right strategy.

The concept of managing all retail channels in a consistent, unified fashion is easy to grasp. However, the reality of making this possible is more complex than many retail organizations realize. A key challenge for retailers is removing the silos that have been created over time, operationally, systematically and culturally. Retailers realize that implementing a true cross-channel strategy creates improvements in process efficiency, cost control and customer service. However, trying to bridge the channels and unify disparate systems across multiple channels run by multiple IT teams within an organization can add a layer of complexity to an already challenging task.

The good news is that we’ve successfully worked with retail customers that have been able to overcome these hurdles, implement an effective, true cross-channel strategy and enable them to maintain a 360 degree view of their customer, inventory and order data. These retailers are great examples of why connecting all the channels makes sense and allows retailers to better understand their business and their customers. It also ensures that customers receive a consistent, high-quality experience, regardless of how they choose to interact with a retailer.

RSM for multi-channel retail, integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics AX), gives retailers a single view of the customer, across all channels. This solution enables retailers to share customer and product information throughout the retail value chain, at the store, on the web, via catalog or in the call center with the pricing and customer service requirements they have based on the offers they provide.


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