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Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics AX to optimize your human resources function


Human resources is an increasingly critical function within an organization, tasked with managing the hiring process, employee retention and establishing corporate culture. An effective human capital management (HCM) system helps to streamline human resources (HR), creating consistent and intuitive processes for external candidates and employees while presenting opportunities for cost savings. Find out how Microsoft Dynamics® 365 (formerly Dynamics AX) can efficiently manage your full spectrum of HR operations, providing peace of mind while increasing the scope of capabilities and services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 potentially increases HR efficiency while reducing overhead
When considering a HCM system, a benefit that is often overlooked is the potential to decrease overhead. An employee self-service portal may allow for a reduction in costly HR support.

Increasing employee satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics 365
The implementation of self-service portals is a growing trend to increase employee satisfaction. These solutions are cost effective and improve efficiency by giving employees control of their data and personal information.

Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enhance your image to external candidates
The hiring process is often a candidate’s initial impression of your company and its culture. Dynamics 365 can help to create a positive impression by implementing a seamless and transparent hiring process.


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