ERP/CRM Integration

Improve productivity. Increase visibility. Maximize functionality.

If you’re not getting the total functionality you expected from your new ERP/CRM system, or your current system was satisfactory initially but now you’d like to eliminate disparate systems, it’s time for a system integration plan.

More often than not, standard ERP/CRM systems don’t come with all the unique functionality and features businesses need. Our integration consultants solve that problem by providing “open-architecture” system design and programming that enable you to seamlessly integrate your custom and best-of-breed systems with your core ERP and CRM systems. Our CRM system open architecture even functions as a data hub and foundation for custom applications.

Eliminate double entry
Not only should you be able to increase productivity and maximize your functionality - proper integration may also allow you to improve processes. We help you optimize performance, especially for those repetitive tasks that can cause you to do double entry when systems aren’t integrated. And if your business is growing, the system configuration that seemed adequate for years may be holding your business back or inefficient processes may be lowering customer satisfaction levels.

Business analysts that understand your processes
The system integration professionals at RSM are technical specialists and - just as important - they’re business analysts who take the time to understand your business and processes so the solution you receive is tailored to your needs. We work closely with the largest ERP vendors and with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our experience with these leading firms is strong and deep, allowing us to provide you with high-quality integration services tailored to your needs.

Isn’t it time to get things running the way they should?

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