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When you want better results from e-commerce digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services, RSM delivers with the software and expertise that helps increase your online revenue performance. The proof is in the metrics: you can see it in search rankings, website traffic and conversion rates.

Companies of all sizes are trusting the tools and techniques that optimize your business process and create a sustainable, scalable e-commerce presence.

Strategy development to implementation

From initial strategy and data collection to deployment and fine-tuning, our team is right there supporting your every step. Get the data you need to make better, faster decisions. Let systems automate the basics.  

Analytics reporting

Build meaningful reports with the actions, responses and industry trends that lead to effective campaigns. Make your online marketing laser-focused with data analytics that supply the proof.

On-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO)

E-commerce gets a boost from high rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Higher rankings produce lower marketing costs and increased conversion rates. Put our expertise in search results and on-page keywords to the test.

On-page and off-page SEO

We achieve high rankings for our clients in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Higher rankings deliver lower marketing costs and increased conversion rates.

7 reasons SEO migrations fail

Download our helpful guide to discover the top reasons that we find e-commerce SEO migrations fail.

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"RSM’s digital marketing team has made great progress increasing web traffic and revenue YoY since our transition to the new SuiteCommerce Advanced site. Working with RSM these two years has provided quality consulting work, and we look forward to continuing our engagement. Great job team! " – Gus Milla, Director of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, Nearly Natural


Focus on tactics that drive the highest returns. Target the advertising buys that produce for you and learn quickly which aren’t clicking with your audience.


Drive quality traffic and increase conversions using a range of technologies including heat maps, click maps and tracking tools that report shopping cart abandonment. Respond to learn the “why” for visitor actions.


When you run all the campaigns from the client side, your company owns the data and controls the relationships. No third-party vendors mask the results or share the sale. That makes RSM unique because we answer directly to you.

"RSM implemented  a site navigation optimization script that both prevented redirect loops and improved page load time. As a result, across all pages on the site, average load time was reduced from about 9–10 seconds to 3–4 seconds." - Larry Reeves, Vice President, Jules Borel

Digital marketing and SEO expertise

Custom solutions

Engineering professionals will stand up your e-commerce webstore and craft a custom strategy that fits your business needs and budget. NetSuite has options that integrate with existing systems and data that works today, with growth for tomorrow.

Advanced growth projections

Starting with your e-commerce plans and goals, an in-depth market analysis yields a report with projections and results. This is a set of achievable targets based on hundreds of client projects. There’s a good chance that we’ve done work like this before, in your industry segment.

Competitive analysis

Part of our report will focus on the strengths of competing players and the areas where they are vulnerable. Where can you have an impact and build a defensible market position? This is part of a strategic foundation that supports your success.

Web analytics

Track your traffic, transactions, conversions, product mix and search keyword metrics with professionals who can help identify return on investment from your NetSuite web store or Amazon and Google Analytics data.

Winning playbook

RSM’s library of digital marketing wins in a wide array of industries and gives you an edge. Let our experience be your secret weapon in the fast-moving world of e-commerce.

Education-based consulting

Create your own pathway with training for staff and executives. A growing number of companies are taking their creative and media work in-house to be nimbler in responding to the market and knowing their customer better.

“RSM helped us get more pages indexed and gave us guidance on how to optimize our pages to meet SEO best practices. Thanks to RSM, organic traffic doubled year-over-year and it’s now the main driver of traffic and revenue to our site." - Jillian Salik, Owner, Talas

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