CRM for Customer Care

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage field service, inbound call center and customer service functionality

The customer relationship doesn’t end with the sale and delivery of the product or service. Continuing contact and support can be the key to customer satisfaction, future sales and the continued performance of the product through its lifetime. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed for continuing support of the customer relationship before, during and after the sale.

The possibilities are endless–you can get a hint of what can be done in the Microsoft videos linked below. Field representatives and automated equipment monitoring can be linked directly to CRM to issue alerts (to the customer service agent and directly to the customer) when the equipment needs service, is not performing to expectations, or needs supplies or adjustment. Field service representatives can be dispatched and their activities logged for billing and follow-up. And it all ends up in CRM history for reference as you continue to support the customer and equipment.

Field activity tracking is organized around a case that acts as the central reference for scheduling actions, reporting activity, costing and billing. A case can be automatically created based on sensor feeds as well as initiated by the customer or by the customer service agent.

Rely on Dynamics CRM as a rallying point for customer relationships from first contact through on-going support. Integrated marketing, sales, accounting, and service management ensure that:

  • The customer gets the products and services they need.
  • Activity reporting directly into case management for billing that is timely and correct.
  • Service personnel are scheduled and dispatched for great customer service.
  • Accounting interface makes sure that billing, collection and posting are accurace and leave a solid audit trail.
  • Customer service people have a full history of customer interaction to support future service and sales activities.

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