IPO Guidelines and Best Practices

Ways to make the journey easier.

Once the decision to go public has been made, there are opportunities to make your journey easier.

Get your financial house in order

We'll help you get your financial house in order and assess your preparedness-everything from developing an IPO road map and task checklist to interviewing key members of management and the board of directors, and assessing and commenting on the organization's structure and depth of experience of key employees.

After working with companies of various sizes in numerous industries, the following are some best practice recommendations we can assist you with as you take to the road of going public:

  • Create an IPO road map-start with the end date in mind and work backwards to determine whether your IPO date is realistic. Typically, planning should begin two to three years before the anticipated IPO date
  • Create a detailed task list-include identified and prioritized gaps with projected timelines and budgets for remediation prior to your IPO
  • Review the management team's experience and expertise to determine if the right people are in place once you begin operations as a public company (such as a Director of Financial Reporting with SEC experience)
  • Review a due diligence checklist so you know what underwriters will be asking for
  • Assess your accounting processes and internal controls systems-determine whether they meet public company requirements. Are you prepared to handle SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance (for companies operating internationally) and other requirements of a public company?
  • Examine your last three years of balance sheets and two years of income statements- identify any potential issues to determine if they might result in a restatement (understand your financial reporting risks)
  • Structure the company to minimize potential international tax issues and minimize any foreign or domestic tax obligations
  • Protect your intellectual property (IP)-conduct an inventory of your company's IP and ensure it is properly safeguarded

Act like a public company

The best advice may be to begin "acting like a public company" before you need to. Start complying with Securities and Exchange Commission requirements by convening the board and reporting quarterly results; draft a press release and send it to your attorneys and the board for review; and practice forecasting earnings and comparing your actual performance for a few quarters.

How can we help you?

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