Tax Technology Selection and Optimization

Increase accuracy and decrease compliance costs with the effective use of tax automation technology

If your company is ready to make a move in the area of tax technology—whether automating the tax process for the first time, migrating to a new platform or integrating disparate systems—we can help you make a confident decision.

Our technology specialists can assist you with the selection, implementation and optimization of tax technology to address numerous business drivers, such as:

  • A material weakness cited by auditors
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Strategic initiatives around operational efficiency
  • ASC 740 reporting requirements
  • Workforce reductions
  • Significant growth resulting in increased workload
  • Expansion into new markets with additional tax requirements
  • Multiple changes to reporting requirements
  • Skills gaps among your tax professionals
  • Recent or upcoming merger or acquisition activity

Our tax technology analysis process is vendor-neutral, influenced solely by the requirements of your organization.

Effective implementation

Choosing the right technology is only the first step. Making it deliver on its promise is the most important one. Our professionals understand how to approach implementation so that you achieve the results you expect:

  • Improved efficiencies through technology and workflow design
  • More accurate and reliable reporting data
  • Greater confidence from your auditors
  • A more flexible tax function, able to quickly adapt to changing regulations
  • Increased time and resources available to focus on high-value tax planning work rather than manual data entry

We will work with your team to identify and define the benchmarks of a successful implementation and then configure the tax technology solution, including thorough testing of all data calculations by our team and yours.

Finally, because we know that even well-tested technology may falter in real-time applications, our professionals support your team through the first quarterly and year-end reporting processes that follow the completed implementation. We are also available for consultation in future reporting periods, on request.

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