Center for Business Transition

Our dedicated professionals understand the complexities of transition planning and provide crucial insight to help you through this important phase in your business.

Every business has a life cycle and eventually, as an owner, you will be faced with answering the question, ‘what’s next’? Whether you plan to transition your business in the next year or several years from now, your decisions should be guided by facts and objectivity.

Business transition planning can mean weighing competing, and sometimes conflicting, options. Should you focus on growing the company or hold for now and improve the existing business? Is it time to consider transitioning the business to the next generation, or should you plan to exit through an employee stock ownership plan, strategic buyer or private equity firm?

Key readiness considerations

The options to weigh as you plan for your business’s transition are many.

RSM’s Center for Business Transition advisors provide impartial, strategic guidance needed to help make the best choices for you and your business. Our approach is not only understanding owner readiness, but business readiness, as well.  

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