RSM has the knowledge and experience to help with a broad range of compensation and benefits issues.

Employee benefits plans

  • Affordable Care Act consulting on:
    • Applicable large employer status
    • Employer shared responsibility penalty considerations
    • Form 1095 and 1094 information reporting requirements
    • PCORI and reinsurance fees
    • IRS and Health Insurance Marketplace notices
  • Advise on tax implications of health plans, cafeteria plans, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and various other employee benefits
  • Review health and welfare plans for compliance with tax and other federal statutes
  • Consult on plan operations
  • Form 5500 preparation
  • Forms 1095 and 1094 preparation
  • Form 990/990-T preparation for voluntary employee beneficiary associations (VEBAs)
  • Review accountable plans for tax compliance
  • Advise on income and payroll tax implications of various fringe benefits plans

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)

  • Consultation on structuring sales to ESOPs
  • Cash flow modeling of planned ESOP transactions
  • Coordination of ESOP benefits with other tax provisions for the corporation
  • Consultation on regulatory and compliance issues of ESOP operations
  • Review of ESOP plan documents and related agreements for compliance with required statutes
  • Compliance with corporate accounting and tax rules related to ESOP ownership
  • Compliance with and calculation of section 409(p) thresholds
  • Financial statement audits for ESOPs

Executive compensation plans

  • Consultation on tax implications of plan implementation, design consequences and suitability of various nonqualified, incentive and equity plans
  • Consultation related to plan operations
  • Review plans for section 409A compliance
  • Consultation on section 83 consequences
  • Consult on payroll tax implications of deferred and equity compensation
  • Section 162(m) compliance for public companies
  • Golden parachute payments – consultation on reducing the effects of section 280G

Qualified retirement plans

  • Consultation on tax implications of plan implementation
  • Review qualified plan compliance
  • Consult on distributions from qualified plans
  • Tax compliance issues of corporate sponsors: includes tax deductions and controlled group analyses
  • Consultation related to plan operations
  • Consultation on prohibited transactions
  • Voluntary correction program filings
  • Form 5500 preparation
  • Plan termination consultation
  • IRS determination letter applications for new and terminating plans
  • Consultation on IRAs and IRA-funded plans
  • Tax-exempt and governmental employer plans
    • Section 457 plan compliance reviews
    • Consultation on plan design
    • Consultation related to plan operations

Transaction-related services

  • Section 280G analysis and calculations
  • Qualified plan due diligence
  • Other compensation plan due diligence
  • Consultation regarding impact of employer sale or liquidation
  • Consultation on plan termination (qualified and nonqualified)
  • IRS filings for plan termination

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