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Taxes are a critical component of any business growth plan. Here’s why.


Every day I meet with business leaders who are working hard to grow. Grow profits, grow margin, grow market share. Nearly every strategic decision you are making has tax implications and these implications need to be considered in advance.

My colleagues, Tony Urban and E.J. Nedder, share some of these implications in the video below. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch. 

The intersection of growth planning and tax planning is sometimes so obvious that it can be forgotten, or not given the weight it deserves. While tax savings are seldom the driving factor behind business decisions, they can and should be an important contributing factor to the timing and execution of business strategy.

Even in times of anticipated tax reform—in fact, especially in these times—tax planning must be a part of your growth planning activities. Our business growth site offers additional insights on the how the two work together.

Dave Kautter