Enterprise Service Management

Enhancing your internal and external client service workflows 

No matter how successful a business is on the surface, there are always ways to make process improvements and deliver better internal and external services. Workflows in several key areas of the organization can be optimized to meet customer experience expectations and bring together previously siloed functions. Enterprise service management (ESM) is a proven practice in the effort of delivering a consistent experience with efficient and effective service delivery across an organization.

ESM is an evolution of information technology service management (ITSM), which IT departments utilized for years to increase customer satisfaction. However, as the needs of customer service expectations change and the technology landscape continues to grow, companies can take advantage of ITSM principles throughout the enterprise. In today’s time of technology and business alignment, service management applies to not only IT, but a vast range of other business areas a well, including human resources, facilities, accounting, legal and customer service. This enables a holistic management approach and improved all-around service delivery.

RSM understands the growing importance of ESM to middle market companies, and the depth of benefits it can provide. Our team has a strong understanding of ESM principles, a wealth of experience with ESM projects focused on strategy, process and platform, and deep experience in ITIL principles—the widely accepted best practices of aligning technology to specific business needs. 

How can we help you?

This experience and perspective enable RSM to provide the following services that can yield long-lasting, positive organizational change:

  • ESM strategies: Developing service management best practices across your organization
  • ESM process design: Determining the processes needed to enable service delivery and support
  • Service delivery definition: Defining fulfillment workflows, resources and delivery standards
  • IT operating model: Bridging overall strategy with day-to-day operations
  • ESM training and certification services: Certified trainers of ITILv3 and ITIL 4 standards
  • ESM automation and platform implementation: Strategy and implementation experience with multiple platforms

Every business provides services; we help you leverage and establish ESM to drive revenue with more efficient and effective services. We design services for your internal and external customers who are more cost effective because they align with your needs and organizational goals. Our team ultimately helps you optimize your processes and align the necessary underlying technology to deliver the right capabilities to customers.

Our ESM strategy is built on practical experience, not theory. We have an approach that is repeatable and scalable to fit your specific business and industry. In addition, we provide the right tools moving forward so your service management framework is self-sustaining and will continue to improve over time. By aligning your process, people and technology, more valuable information can be attained about your service delivery, which will enable better data-driven business decisions. All of this leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction, less churn and increased customer loyalty.

With our depth of experience, insight and advice, we position you with an ESM approach tailored to your organization that will help you fully realize your business strategy and long-term vision.