Finance Optimization and Transformation 

Enhancing your finance model through process-enabled technology

In any organization, the finance function should be routinely evaluated, with an eye toward continued improvement. In some cases, middle market companies are not following a defined finance model, leading to disconnected processes and potential inefficiencies. On the other hand, many organizations have a finance process in place, but it may be outdated and create missed opportunities to advance or remain competitive in the market.

In either case, it may be time for you to get a second look at your finance function from an objective perspective. RSM’s experienced advisors can help your organization enrich your finance operating model to maximize efficiency and leverage emerging technologies to enable effective business insight and performance.

Finance operating model design

Chief financial officers can have many things that keep them up at night, and our consultants look at your organization holistically to make it more efficient, repeatable and controlled. We define an overall strategy that is aligned with your corporate goals, and then assess and enhance multiple key elements of your business: 

How can we help you?

  • Process: Design tasks and activities with clear ownership in order to execute business objectives with efficiency and effectiveness
  • Organization and people: Align people with specific roles and responsibilities within an organizational model that is responsive to change and utilizes formal programs
  • Data: Standardize, govern and normalize data to balance source system supply with reporting and analytic demand
  • Technology: Integrate transactional, storage and reporting systems end-to-end to drive finance automation across critical business processes and data elements
  • Policy, controls and compliance: Design the appropriate risk and control environment that balances cost, risk and quality of output with preventative, detective controls
  • Performance management: Develop KPIs that align to strategic goals and enable operational efficiency and performance improvements that create enterprise value

Finance operating model transformation

Our team evaluates and strengthens your finance model using our proven approach. This framework includes several phases designed to support the desired future state of your finance function.

  • Discovery: Take a close look at where you currently are, how you do things and determine what is and isn’t performing well
  • Analyze: Develop comparisons to leading practices, pinpoint where you are, what the best-case scenario is, and how to close that gap toward a target state
  • Design: Create step-by-step processes for how your processes will work, including how data will flow and a system architecture map of technology considering where savings and simplification may be possible
  • Prioritize: Focus on which areas and processes can yield quick, measurable results
  • Advance: Put the full strategy in place to begin the transformation process and optimize your finance function

Instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy, we listen to your unique challenges and objectives, and design or transform your finance model in the most advantageous way possible. In addition, we have the tools and resources to take a truly integrated approach to maximizing your finance function—beyond our management consulting advisors, we integrate our subject matter advisors in tax, technology and risk to ensure inclusion and consideration from the appropriate perspectives.

The result is a comprehensive, connected finance model that encompasses your unique needs and positions your company for continued success.