RSM Nomad Security Testing Appliance

Identify IT weaknesses using a flexible, remote Nomad device.

Organizations worldwide know how important it is to protect against fraud, malware attacks and data breaches. And while most focus on hardening their environment’s external boundaries to protect against threats, failing to properly secure the internal network is the primary cause for many of today’s high-profile data breaches.

Unfortunately, once attackers are in the network, they can usually gain full control of critical assets― often operating undetected for months or years. What’s needed is a concerted, consistent effort to properly protect your organization’s intellectual property, corporate bank accounts, customer credit card numbers and other sensitive data.

Periodic testing isn’t just nice to have, it’s a necessity.

Two types of Nomads for one-off or recurring testing

In response to the needs of our clients, RSM developed Nomad Security Testing Appliances (Nomads). Available in two forms, small form factor devices or downloadable virtual machines, the devices sit inside your firewall, remotely connect to RSM’s security testing labs over encrypted tunnels, with all testing data encrypted on the devices.

They’re easy to install and give you maximum flexibility regarding your testing schedule. Our clients have used Nomads to meet one-off testing requirements, with some permanently embedding them in their environment for recurring or on-demand assessments. An imbedded device within an environment enables easy access for long-term periodic testing needs or for on-demand testing of:

  • Software or Web applications during development to identify weaknesses
  • Security testing after major changes in the environment
  • Emergency testing

Increased versatility, flexibility and access

The Nomad not only enables basic vulnerability scanning but also:

  • Full internal penetration testing
  • Inventory and asset discovery
  • Internal Web application testing
  • Data discovery exercises
  • Exfiltration testing
  • And more…

Using Nomad, you’re ready to test at your convenience, not when a skilled professional can fit your organization into their schedule. And testing with the Nomad is cost effective, especially for locations around the world. You can schedule testing at almost any time of day, knowing the work is performed in a consistent, repeatable manner by experienced RSM teams within our labs.

To see how the RSM Nomad Security Testing Appliance could work for your organization, contact a member of our security and privacy team today.









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