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spring 2019

The future of risk: 5 trends to watch in 2019

Addressing these five emerging threats can help you fix vulnerabilities, improve decision-making and develop a risk strategy.

GDPR and beyond: The impact of initial sanctions and new regulations

Many U.S. companies have taken a wait and see attitude toward the GDPR, but recent enforcement actions confirm the urgency for compliance.

5 benefits to implementing an effective data strategy

Middle market companies collect increasingly large volumes of data. How can you fully leverage this asset to enhance your business.

Auditor Assistant helps global underwriter to enhance internal audit

Auditor Assistant helps global insurance group to increase audit coverage 20% with no additional headcount through increased efficiency.

winter 2018

Managing risk and compliance throughout your cloud journey

Before moving data to the cloud, you must have the right level of support and understand how to avoid any potentially harmful risk exposure.

Blockchain is the new black

Blockchain technology one of the most significant developments affecting the future of the internet. RSM explores.

Phishing awareness: Recognizing, addressing and avoiding threats

Phishing is one of the most common and most successful forms of cyberattack. Learn how to recognize the warning signs of potential phishing.

The past, present and future of privacy—and how you should prepare

Understand what the evolving data privacy landscape means for the middle market and how to adapt your security and privacy program.