Internal audit transformation

Aligning your internal audit department with organizational success

Internal audit is uniquely placed as a catalyst for improvement across an entire organization. Access to senior management and the board and a wide remit allows internal audit to make a meaningful difference in how risk is managed and how processes are performed. Despite this, many functions, even the best, fail to deliver change or make the kind of impact their role allows. 

RSM’s internal audit transformation consultants bring years of experience, the latest techniques and approaches and a full suite of innovative tools to help any size function move up the value curve. Our Rapid Assessment® quickly gets to the heart of those areas where improvements can be made and delivers a practical road map to success. 

Whether your internal audit function needs higher impact reports, robotic process automation, deep learning and predictive analytics, better workflow, transformed relationships or ways to increase the team’s skills, RSM can partner with you to sharpen your function’s edge. 

The right resources, where and when you need them, can be hard to find. We offer more than 1,000 fully dedicated internal audit and risk professionals to augment your capacity. Partner with us on individual projects, co-source sections of the plan or fully outsource delivery of the entire plan to us. 

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