Construction Risk Management

The stakes are high – you need to protect your interests.

Most construction projects and capital improvement programs are complex, big-ticket items that carry high risks for owners. Even though you've engaged third parties to help, we provide critical construction risk management and audit services to assist you in managing your construction program's financial aspects.

Partner with experienced construction risk management professionals

The yardstick by which construction projects are measuredwas it on-time, within budget and according to specifications? can be a tall order if your internal team doesn't include an experienced construction auditor who can help reduce the risks inherent in your construction project. Our team of experienced construction risk management professionals will help you assess whether:

  • Contractors and vendors are invoicing according to the contract terms and conditions.
  • Your project has the appropriate internal control structure.
  • Financial processes and controls follow industry standards and best practices.

We can also provide recommendations on process improvements, and assist in evaluating the project budget and overall control structure. On average, our cost recovery audits provide an investment return of 10 to one.

Collaboration to deliver the risk management services you want and need

Our full range of construction risk management services include:

  • Pre-construction services (contract negotiations) - because the earlier potential problems are identified and mitigated, the better
  • Construction services - from verifying costs, validating invoices against the contract and change order reviews to schedule monitoring or review, cost reconciliation and assessment of the adequacy of the controls and more
  • Closeout - including construction cost review or final accounting, contract amount calculation, deliverable verification and subcontractor buy-outs

First, we listen. Then, we customize our services to meet your needs and budget.

Give RSM a call. You'll be glad you did.

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