Fiduciary Responsibility

The decisions and responsibilities of administrating your company’s employee retirement plan are significant – and many times challenging. Plan sponsors are required to follow a fiduciary process as outlined by the Department of Labor. Demonstration of this process is integral to compliance. Our retirement plan specialists work with you to build, manage, and monitor such a process. View some of our latest insights below. 

Featured insights


Implementation of the Department of Labor’s conflict of interest rule

The DOL’s new fiduciary rules significantly expand the activities and roles that make someone an employee retirement plan fiduciary.


DOL delays fiduciary rule by 60 days

Secretary of Labor to analyze the impact of implementation of the conflict of interest rule and related exemptions.


Correcting employee plan errors outside EPCRS

Outside the EPCRS process, the IRS maintains programs to help plan sponsors avoid the negative consequences of mistakes.


Conflict of interest or fiduciary rule: A plan sponsor’s Q&A

Understanding the Department of Labor's regulations and how they pertain to your company's employee retirement plan.


New DOL conflicted-advice regulation—from a plan sponsor viewpoint

Firms and individuals providing investment advice to an employee plan or an IRA may be investment fiduciaries.

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