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What to Expect in 2017

Where: SourceMedia’s offices, One State Street Plaza, 27th Floor, NY, NY

When: Wednesday, November, 9:00am

Synopsis: 2016 has been a very busy year for the M&A market. Credit has been available, strategics have plenty of cash on hand and private equity firms have dry powder to put to work, but where are the quality deals? The scarcity of available deals has created an ultra competitive deal making environment. What will change in 2017? What are the headwinds and tailwinds facing the industry as dealmakers turn their attention to 2017? This roundtable will explore what dealmakers need to be aware of as they look to transact in 2017.

Potential Questions:

How would you characterize the industry today?

What types of deals are getting done?

Are sector specific funds more common today, do you expect that going forward?

What sectors are garnering the most attention?

How active are the strategic investors today, why?

How active are private equity firms?

Is it still a great time to be a seller?

What role are the lenders playing in today’s market?

How are strategics and private equity firms positioning themselves in the market place to accelerate growth?

How important has the value creation process come?

How are private equity firms using it to differentiate themselves?

Are their any geographies that are of interest?

Has Brexit impacted the private equity market?

What types of innovation have you seen in the market place?

How is legislation and the regulatory environment impacting M&A?

How will our new president change the M&A environment?