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Optimism for the middle to long term in the technology industry

Q2 2016 information technology industry spotlight


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Whatever macroeconomic uncertainties may be contributing to the market volatility in the short term, leading to dips in investment and mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the long-running pressure to innovate in the face of digital disruption, the necessity to blur the lines between industries and the increasing demands of consumers will all encourage considerable churn within the information technology (IT) industry going forward. Investment strategies will continue to evolve, particularly as newer players grow to dominate certain segments and established monoliths battle over market share, with the drive to make easier and better connections between all types of offerings for customers a key focus.

Key highlights from the first quarter:

  • M&A activity in the first quarter was significantly impacted by market volatility, dipping by 14.2 percent quarter over quarter and 18.4 percent year over year in volume. Total deal value remained robust, which, coupled with the surge in average transaction size to a staggering $888.1 million and the plunge in the median, suggests a significant disparity in the market.
  • Even though private equity investment volume fell to the lowest level since the third quarter of 2013, total value was $29 billion, the third-highest quarterly sum since the start of 2010.


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