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While the impact of various regulations proposed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission is still unclear, one thing’s for certain: the SEC is taking a greater interest in the private equity sphere. As regulators’ knowledge of the private equity industry deepens, they are able to make smarter, more detailed rule interpretations, something which could both benefit and constrain fund managers.

On one hand, an increased understanding of the industry leads to more nuanced regulations, more sensible rulemaking and enforcement of rules in a way which actually applies specifically to the private equity model. On the other, there’s a high chance smarter regulators could lead to tougher and less flexible rules.

To keep in step—or even ahead—of the changes, private equity general partners need to adhere to best practices and keep compliance reviews an ongoing exercise.

Featured in Private Equity International's “Perspectives,” this article discusses tips for staying ahead of the ever-changing regulations. 


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