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CFPB compliance for title insurance companies and agents

Are you managing risk or mastering it?


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is expanding its oversight to cover not only banks, thrifts and credit unions, but also a wide variety of other entities, including title insurance companies and agents. That means you face new, more complex compliance challenges.

Whether you are a title insurance company or agent, how will you ensure you are in compliance with CFPB rules stemming from Dodd-Frank? And how will you do that quickly and at a reasonable cost?

Learn more about our approach for title insurance companies and agents.

RSM has carefully examined the new CFPB rules. We then designed an affordable, common-sense solution that leverages your current resources and internal audit processes to quickly and affordably help ensure that you are in compliance. Our approach is also compliant with ALTA best practices.

We're ready to help with more than this immediate CFPB challenge. We can help you respond to today's rapidly evolving compliance landscape with a holistic, integrated examination of your risk management and compliance practices. Working with your team, we'll help create a flexible yet disciplined approach that positions your organization to continually adapt to a changing regulatory environment and to define and manage the full range of risks that can threaten your success.

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