Asset Management Industry Trends

Services and insights for the asset management industry

With more than 50 years of experience within the financial services community in key financial hubs, our financial services group helps organizations navigate complex reporting, governance and regulatory issues to achieve their business objectives.

Serving the following sectors:

Hedge funds and private equity funds

With experience handling more than 1,500 investment funds (including hedge funds, fund of funds, commodity pools and private equity funds), we specialize in addressing the complex operational, financial reporting and compliance issues facing the industry. Some of the services we provide include financial statement audit, tax structuring and risk management.

Business development companies

Business development companies (BDCs) face a variety of questions. Are your valuations accurate and supportable? Are you calculating management and incentive fees correctly? With intensifying focus from the Securities and Exchange Commission, are you effectively managing your regulatory risks? What about registered investment company status and taxes? RSM can help address these questions and more via advisory over 1,500 investment vehicles, including BDCs, private equity funds, Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) funds, commodity pools, and publicly traded and private investment funds. We can transform those answers into solutions for you through a broad range of audit, tax and consulting services. 

SBIC fund services

SBIC funds can be an attractive source of low-cost capital to invest in lower middle market businesses. Whether a private equity fund is considering the SBIC program for the first time or has already received funding from the Small Business Administration (SBA), the issues associated with running a SBIC fund can draw on your time and take resources away from activities that generate profits. Our experience with more than 100 SBIC funds provides our clients with the know-how they need to manage through this regulatory environment.

Registered investment companies

Many mutual fund complexes are constrained in their selection of accounting, tax, audit and business consulting providers. This is often due to potential independence issues, the desire to engage an internationally recognized firm, limited expertise within a firm or simply the desire for another point of view. We understand these dynamics and can provide you with a broad range of audit, tax and consulting services to meet your needs.