Outsourcing for nonprofits

Comprehensive outsourcing solutions for nonprofits

Keeping your back office support functions operating at peak performance requires focused attention but it may not be the best use of your time. RSM can provide experienced resources to address your finance, information technology, cybersecurity, risk and governance needs. Our nonprofit professionals can improve your business processes, maintain your IT systems, address cybersecurity concerns and regulatory requirements. This allows you to allocate your staff more effectively while increasing your operational efficiency to help transform your business.

Outsourcing can help your nonprofit find the right people to resolve your organizational challenges

It’s not easy to find experienced and talented people who understand your nonprofit organization. However, outsourcing can enable you to find the resources you need, on your terms. Working with RSM’s nonprofit professionals allows you to scale up or down, providing flexibility and agility to respond to your dynamic business environment. Frustration with limited resources, unhappy employees or high turnover, becomes a non-issue. Outsourcing provides a great alternative that can help you align to your mission and transform your nonprofit.


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