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A conversation with Dawn Zier, Tivity Health

A healthy dose of data


"Being able to run an e-commerce company means that there’s a lot of data at your fingertips, and you need to not drown in the data. You need to know how to cultivate it and use it.”
 – Dawn Zier

In this episode of “The Middle Market Transformative CEO,” Dawn Zier, former CEO of Nutrisystem and current president & COO of Tivity Health, shares the significance of digital expansion, the importance of working with brand ambassadors, and determining the most effective advertising avenues.

Listen as Zier, along with co-hosts Joe Brusuelas and Robert Reiss, discusses the recent merger of Nutrisystem, Inc. and Tivity Health, how the acquisition aligns with the future of health and wellness, how she implemented and led a turnaround strategy for Nutrisystem, and the importance of embracing cutting-edge technologies to better serve customers. 

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