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A conversation with Chris Miglino, SRAX

Dollars for data


“I say three years from now, every consumer will own their own data.”
 – Chris Miglino

In this episode of “The Middle Market Transformative CEO,” Chris Miglino, CEO and Founder of Social Reality, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRAX), a digital marketing and consumer data management technology company, discusses what data ownership will look like in the future, why it’s imperative that middle market companies embrace big data and artificial intelligence, and the future of privacy and related legislation in regard to consumer data.

Listen as co-hosts Joe Brusuelas and Robert Reiss speak with Miglino about the company’s business model, and how it aggregates and sells data, how the firm is changing the dynamic between companies and customers to help consumers value their individual information, and the importance of big data and artificial intelligence for the middle market.

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