Global Insights on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting

BEPS perspectives from around the globe, courtesy of our fellow RSM member firms 

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RSM International comments to OECD on BEPS Actions 8, 9 and 10: and revisions to Chapter I of the Transfer Pricing Guidelines


Australia increases the pressure on multi-national tax avoidance

Significant Global Entities: Country-by-Country Reporting obligations now law

OECD webcast

RSM Bird Cameron to lead OECD working group on the implementation of country-by-country reporting for transfer pricing matters

Action plan on BEPS

OECD released next document in the BEPs programme which opens the discussion

Action plan progress reporting

Deliverables update

G20 commits to automatic exchange of tax data


OECD releases revised Transfer Pricing Guidelines

OECD releases further guidance on Country-by-Country reporting

Penalty for not complying with Country-by-country reporting obligations increased to up to EUR 820,000

European commission proposes public country-by-country reporting

International organizations announce details on joint effort intensifying cooperation on tax

How well will the EU tax transparency measures go down in Washington?

European Union- Updated draft directive on implementation of CBC reporting

European Commission presents anti-tax avoidance package

Blunt instrument inflicts corporate pain

Crackdown on international tax avoidance

The Netherlands regulates supplementary transfer pricing documentation requirements

OECD releases implementation Package for BEPS Country-by-Country reporting

OECD Released Action 3

Transfer Pricing News: Ireland OECD BEPS

Tax Alert - Europe: OECD BEPS

Talking Points - International Tax Reform: The Drive to Close Tax Loopholes in the OECD

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