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Live Webcast

Blockchain for boards

Learn how boards can best understand blockchain, how to utilize in their organizations, and what types of efficiencies it can provide.

  • Schulman, Jay
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Enterprise Leadership in the Digital Age

We are in an era when technology can help to drive success, but it requires that everyone in the organization understand tech’s potential.

  • Kracunas, Bill
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Are your leaders ready for change?

The board can foster a leadership team that is ready for strategic shifts that drive stakeholder value and may be fundamental to survival.

  • Deiso, Phyllis
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Recorded Webcast

Is your board ready for change management?

Board members are crucial in evaluating business objectives and executive suite initiatives. Is your board equipped for change management?

Financial Reporting Insights

Critical audit matters: Lessons learned

A recent CAQ publication shares observations from dry runs performed with respect to the communication of critical audit matters.