Case study

Comprehensive solutions for a regional energy powerhouse

UGI Utilities Inc.

May 17, 2022
Human-centered design


UGI Utilities Inc. is a natural gas and electric utility committed to delivering reliable, safe and affordable energy to 700,000 customers in 45 counties in Pennsylvania and one county in Maryland. The utility prides itself on providing responsive, engaging service, and needed a website capable of supporting that effort. The new site needed to improve the satisfaction of existing customers through enhanced usability, as well as drive leads for prospective residential and commercial customers.

Bill paying and beyond

Our RSM project team conducted four weeks of research to understand UGI’s organization and customers, and how the two would interact in an all-new digital experience. Through our research, we found common criticisms of the existing site—too much text, complicated navigation, and broken features such as the blog. Additionally, we discovered that most site activity came from users viewing and paying their bills. A list of priorities took shape, and included increasing relevancy of content, improving functionality, and simplifying site navigation to enable users to quickly pay bills and find contact information.

70% lead increase over one year

700,000+ customers in 46 counties

30% lead increase in year two

Ease equals effectiveness

We set out not to overhaul every website detail, but rather to modernize the site overall to create a top-notch user experience, with RSM design and engineering teams working side by side throughout the process. Ease of use was top of mind, and involved a host of changes, from modifying the login button to simplifying the site structure. A lightweight, feature-rich content management system and drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor were implemented to enable UGI to easily add and edit information without compromising the website’s design and user experience.

Continuing the relationship

RSM’s relationship with UGI didn’t end with completion of the new website. Seeing the value in RSM’s approach to project work, the utility again engaged RSM, this time to design, build and deploy an enterprise data mart to provide what is known as a single source of truth—a collection of data aggregated from multiple systems to a single location. UGI’s enterprise data mart is now a cloud-based, large-scale, federated data warehouse that integrates key data streams for analysis, visualization, decision-making and marketing. RSM’s work on that project resulted in a significant return on investment in market capture and data infrastructure, with UGI experiencing a 70% lead increase in the first year, followed by a 30% increase in year two. 

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