Moments that matter

With the right tools, employees can help build loyalty to your brand

Aug 23, 2022
Digital evolution Digital transformation Customer experience

Every customer interaction with your business represents a moment that matters. Too often, businesses overlook the pivotal role their employees take in delivering a customer experience that leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Giving employees what they want and need to do their jobs well helps drive better customer satisfaction, increased revenues and greater employee retention.

Businesses face four major challenges around EX:

  • A gap between job vacancies and labor market supply that makes hiring and recruiting top talent harder
  • A competitive labor market that can hinder the ability to get the people with the skills needed to grow
  • Sub-optimal systems and tools that make workers’ jobs harder and more frustrating
  • Lack of insights into what employees need and want to stay productive, happy and loyal

How can you improve your EX?

  • Give your employees a complete and single view of customers to facilitate serving those customers.
  • Supply your employees with the modern tech tools they need and expect to make their jobs easier.
  • Use AI and data analytics to so employees can respond to customer needs proactively.
  • Truly listen to your employees to take the pulse of what they need and want. Then, help them grow their experience and skills.

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