Insights into digital trends in the food and beverage industry

Jul 31, 2020

The right digital strategies can provide food and beverage companies a variety of benefits, from addressing increased labor costs to optimizing processes and operations. These solutions can streamline supply chain, identify and track consumer preferences, and manage compliance needs, to name just a few critical areas; they can also provide in-depth analysis and valuable forecasting capabilities for smarter measurement and improved business decision-making. 

However, are middle market food and beverage companies optimally harnessing the full power of digital? What challenges, concerns and risks are executives encountering? Who should be leading and guiding decisions related to technology efforts within the business? Are organizations seeing return on their digital investments and how should they measure these outcomes? 

To gauge the transformative impact of a variety of digital methods and strategies within the food and beverage industry, RSM conducted a survey of middle market businesses late last year. While findings were compiled prior to the coronavirus pandemic, much of the analysis and insights can be applied in this post-COVID-19 world.

As food and beverage businesses move beyond the effects of the pandemic—from revive to thrive—it’s hoped that this report will provide organizations ideas and opportunities for improvement, affirm ongoing digital strategies and provide comparison analysis of industry peers.

RSM contributors