A career built on emotional intelligence

Oct 19, 2018
Private equity

Insights from the best minds in private equity

In this two-part video series Stewart Kohl, co-CEO of The Riverside Company, describes to Don Lipari, RSM's national private equity leader, his firm's appeal of the lower-middle market as well as his path from a ponytail to private equity dominance. 

Why Riverside loves the global lower-middle market

In this first of two videos, Stewart Kohl shares the  appeal of the lower-middle market, how his firm’s investment approach can produce outsized wins, and what commonalities lower-middle market companies around the world share. He also explains why the details of deals gone awry hang in his firm’s restrooms.

A career built on emotional intelligence

Kohl credits his emotional intelligence for his success at working with the founders of lower middle-market businesses. He also discusses his first LBO, a flop, and his involvement in a successful biking event that is helping to find a cure for cancer.

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