2023‒2024 financial and operating trends in private clubs

Report highlights trends of more than 200 clubs throughout Florida

Jul 30, 2023
Private clubs

Private clubs in 2023: Back to the future

Discover the latest operating and financial trends of over 200 clubs across Florida, a state renowned for its high concentration of private clubs. This comprehensive report, the result of data collection from the latest audited annual reports of private clubs and associations by RSM US LLP, offers valuable insights into the industry. This methodology speaks to the integrity of the data and the reliability of our findings.

Board members and managers at golf and country clubs are feeling pressures they have not felt in years, as rising interest rates, a shortage of workers, supply chain issues and increased housing costs pose significant challenges. And these pressures are likely to continue for some time.

Our report delves into these factors and presents industry benchmarks, allowing clubs to compare their performance with other similar organizations. Nevertheless, we urge clubs to focus not only on how they stack up against their peers but also on how their performance aligns with their individual operating budgets.

The report unveils numerous financial and operational trends shaping the industry today. Don't miss the opportunity to explore and gain valuable insights.

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