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Top cybersecurity threats facing middle market businesses

Learn how to mitigate their impact on your organization


Uncover the top cyberthreats for the middle market and learn how to mitigate their impact

Cybercrime has become a reality for the middle market and these organizations are starting to realize that they are often the prime target for cybercriminals. A recent survey revealed that 15 percent of middle market C-suite executives said their companies experienced a data breach in the last year; this is up from 13 percent in 2018 and a significant jump from 5 percent just four years ago.

In addition, emerging data privacy regulations are requiring many organizations to change how they are collecting and storing data; 78 percent of executives believe their organizations will have to comply with privacy legislation at a state or federal level during the next two years.  These numbers are just a few examples of the growing concern and uncertainty around cyberthreats in middle market organizations.

Join RSM  for a deeper look into the RSM US Middle Market Business Index: Cybersecurity Special Report. Webcast participants will gain a broad understanding of the biggest cybersecurity risks and data privacy trends facing their businesses today as determined by peer interviews and industry analysis. This webcast will also uncover how these trends will affect middle market businesses and how to position a security program to respond to the threats.

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