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Third Platform webcast series


A new wave of technology has fundamentally changed how organizations do business—from gathering and analyzing data for smarter decision-making to engaging clients and customers. The Third Platform encompasses the Internet of Things, mobility, social media, big data and the cloud, providing more insight into key business drivers. With IT spend on the rise, are your investments allowing you to adapt quickly to change and remain competitive in your marketplace?

Midmarket companies are growing quickly and expanding internationally, and too often, their technology framework is not growing fast enough. While smaller organizations have the ability to be more nimble, they are also often challenged by limited in-house resources and the potential cost of outsourcing the right resources. Implementing Third Platform technologies allows you provide quick and meaningful responses to customers, grow revenues and take your business to the next level.   

Join us for the Third Platform webcast series to understand how you can leverage emerging technologies to help reach your business goals. We help you understand how to make these technologies work for you to not only keep pace with the market, but stay ahead of competitors. Most importantly, we discuss how to be responsive to your customers to maintain and grow market share. Presentations include:

Recorded webcasts

Oct 1 - The Third Platform: Changing the way you do business

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Oct 6 - Mobility and social media: Leveraging new channels to gather customer insights and communicate from any location

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Oct 8 - Cloud computing: Implementing scalable data storage solutions with increased access and greater security

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Oct. 13 - Big Data and the Internet of Things: Unlocking the potential of your data for a competitive advantage

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Oct 15 - Implementing the Third Platform: Learning how to integrate emerging technology to enhance your business processes

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Who Should Attend
C-level, technology management and other business leaders


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