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Sustainability and succession planning and your organization


Organizational sustainability is key to consistent, long-term mission results and effectiveness for nonprofit organizations. Research shows that approximately 1 in 10 not-for-profit CEO positions turn over each year; and turnover is rising as baby boomer generation executives retire. When the inevitable leadership transition occurs, organizations that plan for leadership succession are more likely to experience a well-managed transition.

Planning for leadership succession and continuity is essential to ensuring organizational sustainability and is a key responsibility of all executive managers in nonprofit organizations.

During this webcast, we will discuss the overarching trends and specific trends related to sustainability and succession planning including:

  • Understanding the importance and impact sustainability and succession planning has on organizations and the benefits of advanced planning
  • Reviewing the critical findings from the survey and the trends identified in comparison with field experience and similar survey research
  • Exploring the implications for your organization and things you may want to consider related to sustainability and succession planning
  • Obtaining practical insights that may help you develop a stronger, more sustainable future for your organization

Who should attend?
Not-for-profit chief executives who want to learn more about succession planning and sustainability planning, as well as chief financial officers, chief operating officers, human resources directors and other senior managers interested in advancing sustainability and succession planning in their organization.

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