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Supercharge your Business Analytics with PowerBI


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In today’s business environment, organizations are facing unprecedented pressure from increased competition, lower revenue, tighter margins and escalating costs. They need to use all the tools at its disposal to address these pressures in the decision-making process. 

An organization’s data can be one of its most powerful assets. It is the lifeblood of proactive decision-making and can be a key component in the overall strategy to gain advantage over competitors.  Unfortunately, many organizations only scratch the surface with respect to the insights and innovations data can provide. This includes information from traditional data sources such as ERP systems, as well as unstructured data sources like social media. With business intelligence tools such as Power BI, companies are turning this data into actionable information.

Join us for a 60 minute webcast to explore:

  • The benefits of using business intelligence tools
  • How PowerBI fits into the Dynamics marketplace
  • How PowerBI fits into the overall reporting and analytics ecosystem
  • A demonstration of the solution

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