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Simplify the complexity of third-party management

Learn to minimize third-party risk and develop a risk management program


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Third-party risk management continues to be one of the greatest challenges for corporations, as well as one of their major compliance risks.

Your company’s revenues today depend on thousands of suppliers, vendors, contract manufacturers, brokers, distributors, resellers, channel partners and others. The use of third parties creates potential risks for your organization, the most significant of which are legal, financial, compliance, operational and reputational.

In this presentation, RSM and Hiperos discus best practices to identify and proactively manage third-party risk.

This webcast will:

  • Address how to protect, control and optimize the value from your third-party relationships
  • Evaluate the core tenets of third-party risk management and due diligence
  • Identify how leading organizations engage and evaluate third parties in pre-engagement, contracting and post-engagement stages
  • Review how automation can minimize reputational risk, regulatory penalties, negative customer impact and costs
  • Provide recommendations for building a comprehensive, sustainable third-party risk management program

Who Should Attend
COOs, CEOs, CFOs, internal audit, controller, compliance, risk, security and anyone involved in maintaining internal controls and mitigating risk within the organization.

More Information
Email: Amreen Rehman
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