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Game change: How new IRS programs, processes and pronouncements may affect your examination

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Join us on Wednesday, Oct. 17 for a webcast to learn how recent changes at the IRS may affect current and future IRS examinations of large businesses and international entities.

The IRS recently announced significant changes in its issue/knowledge management process for the Large Business & International division and will replace the Tiered Issue Process with a knowledge management system consisting of Issue Practice Groups (IPGs) and International Practice Networks (IPNs).

Our discussion topics will include:

  • The end of tiered issues
    Learn about the impact on industry director directives, settlement positions for tiered issues, and coordinated issues.
  • The rollout of IPGs and IPNs
    Learn about the operational descriptions, roles and responsibilities of these groups in the examination process and the expected impact on settlements and resolutions of issues.
  • Appeals programs
    Is the new Rapid Appeals Process (RAP) the right choice for resolving your examination issues?
  • Operating announcements
    Recent announcements may change the way your examination or appeals matter is conducted.

Learning objectives
Participants will learn about how new IRS programs, processes and pronouncements may affect current and future IRS examinations, will gain insight into use of these programs by the IRS, and will learn how programs can benefit taxpayers during the examination process.

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