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Finance and accounting outsourcing for nonprofit organizations


More than just assistance in the back office, finance and accounting outsourcing for nonprofits offers intangible benefits.

Nonprofit organizations turn to outsourcing for many of the same reasons as other organizations. Nonprofits have the additional challenge of finding qualified accounting professionals that fit within their culture and support the mission of the organization. This webcast addresses three core intangible benefits of finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO): reporting, preparing for an audit and cost savings from people management:


  • Providing insights and dashboards with key financials
  • Delivering transparency and reports
  • Eliminating Excel reporting

Audit preparedness

  • Assisting with technical issues and discussions with auditors
  • Implementing new accounting pronouncements
  • Automating internal controls and process documentation
  • Lowering the likelihood of misappropriations and fraud

Reducing people management worries

  • Eliminating worry about turnover and recruiting troubles
  • Increasing consistency and depth of resources
  • Improving the reliability and focus on the mission of the nonprofit  

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