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Resiliency for a catastrophic cyberattack on financial institutions


Cyberattacks are exploding for the financial institution industry and are becoming the number-one risk concern for bank executives and directors. However, despite regulatory safeguards, attackers continue to successfully develop new methods to compromise banking systems and gain access to critical applications that contain sensitive customer information.

Join RSM, Sheltered Harbor and FIS to discuss how financial institutions can survive a catastrophic cyber-incident while continuing to service customers and maintain public confidence. The webcast covers the following topics:

  • Ensure protection for customers, financial institutions and public confidence if a cyberattack causes an institution’s critical systems, including backups, to fail
  • Understand how your service provider similar to FIS is protecting clients
  • Confirm what service providers should be delivering and how to engage them in the discussion
  • Understand the role and importance of the Sheltered Harbor critical industry initiative
  • Learn how RSM can assist customers with understanding and implementing the Sheltered Harbor standard, a key component of your operational resilience strategy

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All C-suite, compliance, internal audit, controllers


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