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The evolution of retirement plans

Investing best practices and current trends


Over the last decade, several factors have influenced the evolution of retirement plan investing. Fees, savings rates, market volatility and income replacement are all gaining much attention. As the investing landscape changes, plan fiduciaries and stewards should continually evaluate the approach to designing their company’s plan investment menus.

Learn about the latest investing trends, the rationale behind them and best practices to building an investment menu for your employees.

Topics covered include:

  • Retirement industry trends
  • Menu efficiency
  • Qualified default investment alternatives
  • Target date funds
  • Passive versus active investing
  • Fee transparency and revenue sharing
  • Collective investment trusts
  • In-plan income solutions

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Wealth Management Services Disclosure Any discussion of specific investment products is for illustrative purposes and is not a solicitation to purchase. Before investing in any mutual fund, investors should read about its risk, which are explained in detail in the fund’s prospectus.

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CEOs, chief financial executives, controllers, human resources and employee benefits professionals


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