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Emerging Technology 101: Guide to the Cloud


Event Overview

RSM invites you to attend a webcast on Tuesday, July 19 to learn about the latest cloud computing technologies and trends. This session is designed for business executives who are new to cloud computing and early adopters who are looking to accelerate their use of the cloud in non-traditional areas.

What will you gain from attending the webcast?

  • Working knowledge of cloud computing
  • Ability to articulate the difference between SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS
  • A general understanding of the cloud cost model
  • Adoption strategies based on your company's maturity and industry
  • Introduction to leading products by business function/need:
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Email and Collaboration
    • Project Management and Resource Planning
    • Unified Communications
    • Backup and Recovery

Join Diego Rosenfeld, managing director of Technology Services, as he outlines a roadmap for your cloud computing adoption plan.


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