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Enabling productivity in difficult times

Insights on key technology issues business should be examining


The COVID-19 pandemic has strained key business processes to a level not seen since at least the Great Recession in 2008-09. Companies are looking for answers, and there are some potential solutions that could help lessen the blow of the current crisis on operations.   

View RSM’s technology webcast focusing on sustaining productivity in a challenging business environment. RSM advisors will present helpful information and resources related to several key topics, including:

  • Implementing a modern workplace: With many companies adapting their work policies to protect employees, learn how to enable a workforce in a secure manner and successfully embrace change. We will focus on key topics such as maintaining security and compliance, increasing scalability and ultimately, enhancing productivity.
  • Business continuity of the finance function: How can you ensure your accounts payable team can continue business-as-usual operations during an emergency? Learn actionable ways you can immediately prepare your team to approve invoices and make payments securely and efficiently at any time, in any location.    
  • Augmenting technology resources: Understand how an outsourcing strategy can proactively address short- and long-term technology needs in the current climate and in the future. Real-world scenarios will demonstrate how to leverage solutions for training, help desk support, cybersecurity guidance and the financial back office.   

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Implementing a modern workplace

(21:55) - Learn how to enable a workforce in a secure manner and successfully embrace change. 

Business continuity of the finance function

(13:29) - Dive deeper on the impact of remote working on your accounts payable finance function.

Augmenting technology resources

(18:04) - How can an outsourcing strategy address short-and-long-term techonolgy needs? Hear real world scenarios for how to leverage solutions. 

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C-suite executives and other professionals concerned about continuing productivity during the coronavirus pandemic


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