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Blockchain for boards


Understanding how to leverage emerging technologies is critical for boards of directors and audit committee members. While blockchain, in the simplest sense, is a ledger that cryptographically signs and secures transaction records, implementing the use of blockchain in organizations is a more complex undertaking. Boards must understand the risks and opportunities; the regulatory, compliance and accounting issues; and the best ways to move forward.

Join Jay Schulman, national leader of blockchain and digital asset services for RSM US LLP, Joyce Cacho, Independent/Corporate board director, Sunrise Banks, and President Adinura Advisory Services, LLC and Eve Tahmincioglu, Directors & Boards Editor-in-Chief & Digital Director for a webinar with Directors & Boards about how boards of directors can best understand the pros and cons of blockchain, if and how to utilize blockchain in their organizations, and what types of efficiencies it can provide.


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Board members, audit committee members, C-suite members, CEOs, presidents and vice presidents


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