United States

Joseph Benfatti

National Pride ENG Leader, Partner

Areas of focus: Pride Employee Network Group, Risk Consulting


CDI experience

Joe is the national leader of RSM’s Pride employee network group (ENG), which supports RSM’s LGBT+ employees, clients and allies through recruitment, retention and business activity alignment with LGBT+ organizations. Prior to his national leadership role, Joe served as RSM’s West region Pride leader. He is also an active member of the InspirAsian ENG.

For Joe, the Pride ENG served a key role in his coming out journey by providing a safe, supportive environment to live his truth. As the national leader, he hopes the ENG will continue to do the same for other professionals.

One of Joe’s goals for the ENG is to provide more opportunities for Pride members to serve in leadership roles and to drive the network’s activities. Inspired by the impact each of RSM’s ENGs has had on the firm’s people, Joe also hopes to extend that impact and establish deeper connections with the clients and communities RSM serves.

Summary of experience

Joe is a consulting partner focused on cybersecurity in RSM's security, privacy and risk consulting practice. He specializes in the technology, media and telecommunications industry, including technology software and platforms that use big data as the primary component of their business model.

Pride employee network group

Pride works to enhance understanding of issues faced in the workplace by LGBT+ employees and finds avenues to model “bringing your whole self to work.” The network sponsors activities throughout the year that are open to all, and its Pride Month event provides opportunities for employees and RSM leaders to share their coming out stories. Pride also supports recruiting and hiring efforts by working with LGBT+ groups on university campuses and professional organizations. 


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