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The Paper Store

Retailer forges ahead with RSM’s industry insiders on its side


“What’s special about RSM is that they definitely took the time to understand The Paper Store’s industry and The Paper Store itself.” - Tom Anderson, President and CEO, The Paper Store

The Paper Store is the largest family-owned and operated chain of specialty gift stores in New England. They have 76 locations and a growing ecommerce business. Originally a stationery store, The Paper Store has evolved into a sophisticated and diverse operation, including gifts, fashion and jewelry, bath and body, home décor, gourmet foods, bestselling books and more.

Combining key technical capabilities and industry foresight

The Paper Store became a client of RSM in 2014. “We didn’t know much about accrual accounting and cost-based accounting. RSM came in and they did a great job of educating our finance team and accounting team,” said Tom Anderson, president and CEO for The Paper Store. “The people at RSM seek to understand our objectives and they come up with active solutions to our questions.”

The Paper Store is currently focused on growing its business, including its ecommerce business. They want to make the customer experience at their brick-and-mortar locations, as well as their digital channels as engaging, convenient and seamless as possible.

“RSM has great industry knowledge about retail in particular. They understand our industry very well. They can take that knowledge and give us guidance on how to best prepare our business for the future,” said Anderson. “We continue to work with RSM to understand how the business is changing and how to best forge into the future.”