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A shared passion for the community


Colleen Boyce and Molly Griffiths, Boston office Birdies Fore Love co-captains

A great way to reflect on the weekend at The RSM Classic is to think about the people we met and the impressions they left on us. Working in an organization with nearly 10,000 people means you probably don’t know everyone. While we’ve both been with the firm a number of years and feel that we know just about everyone in the Boston office where we work, meeting so many people from other RSM offices while at The RSM Classic showed us we don’t know everyone!

The people we met at The RSM Classic – partners, employees and clients – left positive impressions on us in same way. We gained advice on becoming partners and were reminded about the importance of client relationships – something we knew we felt in Boston, but now clearly understand is something we share firm-wide.  

We vowed to experience just about everything Sea Island had to offer that weekend – kicking off at the River Bar when we arrived and had lunch, shuttling over to the Seaside Course to watch The Classic from the RSM Chalet at the 18th green, and capping off the night at the Jon Pardi concert in front of thousands, with RSM employees right up front and center. It was a constant, “Hi, my name is Colleen Boyce, I am based out of RSM’s Boston office.” One of my favorite moments at The Classic was during Day 1 at the chalet, where we saw these amazing camouflage RSM Classic “Support Our Troop” hats. We NEEDED to get our hands on a couple of those hats! Molly went on a mission and got the last one at the merchandise tent, right off the manikin! Realizing they had sold out so quickly,  we asked around learned that Bill Gorman, our COO, gave hats to him and his client as part of the tournament’s military appreciation activities. We walked away (somewhat disappointed that I never was able to get that prized hat). That evening, many hours later, a different gentlemen, Keith Mayhew from our DC office (who’d heard that I desperately wanted a hat), gave one to me! The fact that, in spite of all of the people he’d met, he remembered me was awesome. It was the small act of kindness that reminded me how we got here in the first place. Serving as Birdies Fore Love co-captains for an office of 700+ people, there was a lot that had to be done to get us to Sea Island. We spent countless hours in the community, in the schools, and educating people on what RSM can do to get the community to take part in a great cause! We raised more than $200,000, with $140,000 of that raised in just one night when our employees and partners came together, opened their wallets and supported something that the firm and us captains were so passionate about.

We are passionate about our community and what RSM has to offer to that community.

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